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The Impacts of Covid-19 and Our Response

As the impacts of COVID-19 have affected virtually every aspect of our lives, you should know that your Lake Worth Beach electric utility has taken additional steps to continue providing the highest quality of service to you. Our various departments have taken precautionary measures to protect critical processes, our customers, and our employees. These measures include:

• Halting access by visitors or non-essential personnel to sensitive areas such as control rooms
• Placing employees on rotating schedules that promote social and workplace distancing
• Encouraging staff to telecommute where possible
• Temporarily suspending in-home services such as energy audits and
• Closing our customer service center to the public.

All customer inquiries are now handled by phone or email, and this includes opening new accounts and, if required, closing an account. Investments we’ve made in systems and processes have been invaluable in enabling off-site payments. Tools such as Paymentus for payments by phone and Pay Near Me for cash payments at participating local retail locations have eliminated the need to call or visit us in person and are proving to be convenient options for our customers.

Throughout this event, our dedicated workforce has continued to make improvements to our electric system. Our linemen and substation teams have continued to make system improvements and perform maintenance ahead of the summer high load period, while at the same time responding to outage and trouble calls. Likewise, our contractor crews completed phase one of the much-needed improvements to the “West 13” circuit serving portions of our service territory located West of Rte. 95. 129 new poles designed to withstand hurricane-force winds were set in this area together with enhancing reliability features to improve the level of service we provide to our customers in the western reaches of the service territory. While some minor construction outages were required to switch customers over to the new poles, the long-term benefits will be worth the temporary inconvenience.
The current health crisis has affected us all, whether it’s merely a disruption to our everyday routines, a health problem, or a loss of income to ourselves, a family member, or a friend. To help our customers in what may be a time of need for them, the City of Lake Worth Beach has temporarily suspended service terminations due to the non-payment of utility bills. Palm Beach County has also made help available, and if you find yourself in financial difficulty or know of a friend or neighbor who may need assistance, there are resources available to them. Please visit Palm Beach County Community Services or call (561)355-4792 for help with utility bills or (561)904-7900 for help with rent.
In closing, let me add that we appreciate your choice to live and work in our service territory and we very much value the role you play in our community.
Best wishes,

Ed Liberty