Welcome to citizenownedenergy.com. On this page, our Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility customers and stakeholders will be able to read and see the latest news in our quest to improve our communications, provide you with more insight on our efforts to improve our service to you, as well as provide you with updates on our progress towards key goals.

This publication will also be a place where you can link to information, stories, and resources of interest to you as customers of a public power and citizen-owned utility.  Information on electric service reliability, updates on key projects in your neighborhoods, information on where your electric power comes from, what electric equipment on your home or business is your responsibility, how your electric utility payments support not only the delivery of electricity to you but also the benefits to your community, updates on our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, educational material on electric vehicles, all will be coming to you on this page.

As a customer of your Lake Worth Beach electric utility, you not only receive electricity from us, you also have a stake in the outcome and the benefits we bring to the community.  Just like you, over 3 million Floridians and 49 million people across 49 states and five territories rely on public power utilities to light their homes and power their businesses and increasingly, fuel their vehicles.

Thank you for choosing to be our customer and joining us on this journey.

Ed Liberty, Utility Director