Citizen Owned Energy was created by Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility, a non-profit and citizen-owned utility. We are here to provide reliable, low-cost, and clean energy to our 27,000 customers while giving back to the community. 

Our newest switching station is complete and energized!
The new switching station, designed to withstand category 5 storms, replaces a 1970 substation and will serve up to 2,600 residential and commercial customers.
City commissioners at the new switching station
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The Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility Integrated Resource Plan
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Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility Uses High Performance Graphics to Improve Response Time
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Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility 2021 Annual Report: The Five Balanced Elements of Progress

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Public Power

Public power utilities are rooted in the communities they serve and invest revenues directly back into the community…

You might be surprised that the more electricity you use, the less energy you’ll use overall…

From The Electric Utility Director
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Installed Solar Watts Per Customer

Our purchase of 36 megawatts of solar power from FMPA’s Solar 2 Project, our own 1.7 Megawatt solar farm’s output, and our 22 Megawatt share in the St. Lucie nuclear plant will enable our customers to benefit from an electric supply that is over 50% carbon-free by 2024