Citizen Owned Energy was created by Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility, a non-profit and citizen-owned utility. We are here to provide reliable, low-cost, and clean energy to our 27,000 customers while giving back to the community. 

The Connection Between Wildlife and Reliability
The Latest
Lake Worth beach Signs on with FMPA Solar 2 Project
Representatives from Florida Municipal Power Agency, Origis Energy and 12 municipal electric utilities announce the expansion of the Florida Municipal Solar Project Dec, 5 2019
Our 2019 Annual Report
Annual Report

Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility 2019 Annual Report: A year of progress against our most important goals and our vision for the future.

Public Power

Public power utilities are rooted in the communities they serve and invest revenues directly back into the community…

You might be surprised that the more electricity you use, the less energy you’ll use overall…

This Month

With Ed Liberty, Utility Director

Welcome to our new landing page for the Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility, the home of Citizen Owned Energy.  On this page, our customers and stakeholders will be able to read and see the latest news in our quest to improve our communications, provide you with more insight on our efforts to improve our service to you, as well as provide you with updates on our progress towards key goals.

Our Stats 
Installed Solar Watts Per Customer

Our purchase of 36 megawatts of solar power from FMPA’s Solar 2 Project, our own 1.7 Megawatt solar farm’s output, and our 22 Megawatt share in the St. Lucie nuclear plant will enable our customers to benefit from an electric supply that is over 50% carbon-free by 2024

2018-19 Reliability Improvements

SAIFI: 2018-19: 39.7% reduction in sustained interruptions

On the average, customers experienced 1.97 outages per year in 2019 vs. 3.26 outages in 2018.


SAIDI: 2018-19: total interruption duration(minutes) down 39.9%

On the average, customers experienced 79.8 minutes of outages in 2019 vs. 132.7 minutes of outages in 2018.

LBAR chart

LBAR: 2018-19 Overall Length of Outages Down 28.3%

Overall Length of Outages(minutes) for the Average Customer Down 28.3%