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Lake worth Beach Coastline
Celebrating Earth Day 2020 by Providing Increasingly Carbon-Free Electricity to Our Community

Lake worth Beach CoastlineOn the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day of April 22, 1970 we are reminded of our collective responsibility to be mindful of mankind’s impact on the natural world. Fifty years ago today, an estimated 20 million Americans ventured outdoors and made their statement in favor of a more eco-conscious society.  While Lake Worth Beach is but a small segment of the national population, we are important in the sense that our joint action can achieve positive results.

Your Lake Worth Beach electric utility is mindful of our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and is delivering results.  Since 1972 when the City’s electric utility placed in service it’s first electric tie line to the statewide electric grid we have sought to purchase our electric power from the most economic and efficient sources.  Fast forward to today when over 98% of our electric supply comes from some of the most efficient and carbon free sources of energy in the state of Florida.  Today we are proud to say that over 36% of our electricity comes from a carbon-free resource, and we anticipate that we will be over 50% by 2024.

By 2025 our emission rate will be less than 50% of our 2005 emission rate*, and approximately half the projected statewide rate.


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Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility


Achieving this outcome will be made possible by our commitment to producing ever-increasing amounts of our electricity using carbon-free sources such as solar.  Our own solar photovoltaic electric field, installed atop of a closed City landfill, together with our participation in the Florida Municipal Power Agency’s solar project, are key steps we’ve taken in recent years to achieve our goal.

As your Citizen Owned Energy company we look forward to continually striving to reduce our impact on the environment.


Ed Liberty

Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility Director


*CO2 emission rates expressed in pounds of CO2 per Megawatt Hour of electricity