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Infrastructure Improvements & Preventative Maintenance Impacts

During the summer of 2020 we conducted infrared surveys of primary circuit critical components to identify areas of potential failures that could lead to outages.  As a part of our initiative to improve system reliability, over 133 potential problem areas will be addressed over the next month. Occasional localized outages of short duration may be required to allow our crews and contractors to perform the work safely, quickly, and more efficiently.  However in many cases we may be able to complete our work without an outage.

The work being undertaken is in addition to (and not to be confused with) the planned outages associated with conversions of customers from the older 4kv circuits to newer 26kv circuits.

And remember, if you see utility crews by the roadside please slow down, drive carefully, and heed their directions.  They are working for you and they too have families and friends waiting for them to come home safely after a day of dangerous work!

 Your Citizen Owned electric utility is hard at work daily to improve the reliability of the infrastructure serving your homes and businesses.